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At American Ebook Writers, we provide the best value for money when it comes to ghostwriting e-books. our team of writers consists of individuals with great experience and skills who can write on any given topic in the most creative manner.


We Provide eBook writing, editing, and Publishing solutionsthat are proven to help you
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Since 2014, we have been helping thousands of people make their mark in the industry through our exceptional services. We aim to provide a platform for authors, no matter if they’re at the beginning of their career, already established, or writing for fun. Our clientage includes bestselling authors, novelists, business executives, publishing houses, celebrities, and many more, which is proof in itself of our best and unmatchable services in the industry.

Experienced Writers

Our writers know how to artfully share your unique story in a way that captivates your audience. No other platform offers such an exclusive combination of expertise, experience, and passion.

SEO Experts

We’re a trusted source for authors and businesses that require technical content for eBooks and other platforms to take Google’s top organic positions. In fact, we are recognized as a top SEO company on DesignRush.

Multiple Industries Served

Our expert writers have crafted content for a plethora of genres and industries. We understand that developing a refined content strategy, is essential in order to create a stellar eBook and getting ahead of the competition.

Passionate Team

Great things cannot be built without passion. We’re deeply passionate about the clients we serve, the company we’ve built and the people who power it.

100% Original, 100% Stress-Free.

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We have successfully developed content for multiple industries

Our in-house staff includes industry insiders with former positions at Literary Review and Big-Five publishing houses, including Random House, HarperCollins, Wiley, and Simon and Schuster. We've already touched 1.3 million lives with our books. Our success rate speaks for itself. If you collaborate with us, you WILL end up with a finished book that can make a difference in thousands of lives.


David Epstein

American Ebook Writers has helped me become a published author. When you work with their experts, you can rest assured that you will receive high levels of service. ters, They were very quick, efficient, and affordable even for small businesses and startups. They haven't failed to deliver excellent content at any point in time."

Dreda s. Mitchell

American Ebook Writers converted my idea for a book into a 'Masterpiece'. Working with American Ebook Writers has truly been a great experience. Thanks to American Ebook Writers, your staff made it all so easy. They are the best!

Ellen White

American Ebook Writers supported me when I was trying to publish my book. I'm so grateful to the team for helping even more with my dreams. Thank you!